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The DFM Solutions team specialises in the development and management of investments and hedging solutions for UK discretionary fund managers. Utilizing the experience and expertise of the renowned Société Générale Corporate and Investment Bank, the solutions offered allow investors to optimize their risk/return profile and take full advantage of new market opportunities. With more than 2,200 professionals globally, including 270 structuring specialists, Société Générale offers flexibility in terms of asset class, maturity, investment objectives and risk profile.


We offer syndicated or bespoke structured solutions in order to suit the cross asset needs of each investor. Société Générale has one of the most comprehensive platforms to deliver investment and hedging solutions via a multitude of product wrappers, whether collateralized or not, including: notes, warrants, closed end funds and open ended funds. Société Générale's extensive range of product wrappers offers both flexibility in terms of trade size and addresses clients' specific cost, tax, credit or regulatory needs.


  • Liquid Secondary Market
  • Exclusive access to award winning Cross Asset Research
  • Product training and seminars
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